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Police Search For Bold Thief and Accomplice

CBS Pittsburgh

DOWNTOWN (KDKA)- Pittsburgh Police need your help tracking down a man who reached over a counter and stole a store’s cash box.

The theft happened on September 14th at the Pittsburgh News on 6th Street in downtown Pittsburgh. Police just released surveillance video of the suspects Tuesday night.

The video shows a man distracting the clerks and looking over the counter. When the clerks were occupied, he reached over the counter and grabbed a cigar box that contained an unspecified amount of cash.

The suspect is a tall black man, wearing a blue coat and a gray Pirates hat.

A woman was also caught on surveillance, pretending to browse in the store before taking off with the man.

She’s described as a white woman with blond hair, wearing tan pants and a purple top.

After the suspect grabbed the cigar box, he paid for some items and then left the…

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The Place on the Way to Someplace Else

Wish I Were Here


Zagreb, Croatia – June 2011

It is not yet afternoon, but a thick, stifling haze has already settled over the city. Even the voices in the market seem muted. I spot no others with cameras or city maps. I am alone with the locals.

Most tourists who pass through Zagreb spend only a few hours or, at most, stay overnight before moving on to the coast. It is a place of transit. The place on the way to someplace else.


Thunderstorms are predicted for the afternoon, so I catch the bus to Mirogoj cemetery. The alleys and passages are deserted. The only sound is that of my steps. The tombs are impressive in an ostentatious sort of way, but the smaller details in the arcade are what hold my attention.


The haze solidifies and rises. For a short time, blue sky appears. The center of Zagreb is broken up into…

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Love Canal, New York

Upsate New York. Buffalo, New York. A wood cane and eyeglasses. There is one item – a foot long item. A property deed tied to the American dream gone wrong. 1977 at Niagra Falls, NY there was a great place called Love Canal. In December 1977 there was a horrifying problem. Eailed Vault Effort Failed.1942-1953 a local chemical company dumped toxic chemicals. Lois found out in 1953 the site was covered over and sold to the Niagra Falls Board of Education. The toxic waste had an impact on people.

Skin rashes, asthma, cancers. The landscape at Love Canal is poison.

October 1 was the day President Jimmy Carter signed a bill relocating residents of Love Canal.

Vinson Oklahoma

Vinson, Oklahoma is an unincorporated community in Harmon County. Vinson is named for Henry Vinson, townsite owner. Vinson has a post office and the zip code is 73571.

Latitude(DEC) Longitude(DEC) Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS)
34.9006120 -99.8598232 345402N 0995135W