Mobile Marketing

Henry Vinson is a proven leader in Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Technology, and Business Development and has helped numerous companies improve their digital footprint, increase brand awareness, reduce costs, and increase sales. His strengths include high level strategic thinking, problem solving, and the ability to recognize hidden opportunities for business growth. He has success and expertise in Digital Marketing & Sales, Operations, Business Development, and Executive Management.

Henry Vinson is currently working on his second book.  This book is on Mobile Marketing. He has plans for future books as well. His hands-on tactical approach and ability to relate high level ideas to real world business challenges is what drives his success and allows those he engages with to quickly learn & implement new digital marketing strategies.

Henry Vinson is a current student at Taft Law School. He has various blogs and websites. His  articles are shared with over thousands of  visitors per month, and millions of others through social media sharing. He also writes and contributes to various other industry sites on topics such as Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Startups, Social Media Marketing, and Business Leadership. Henry Vinson has over 300,000 followers on Twitter and ranks among the most influential people online.

Henry Vinson is also a seasoned speaker and has spoken on Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing for a variety of organizations and businesses across the country. 


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