DEEPLY AWAKE: ENTANGLED “How Can I?” By Kathy Vik 6-2-14

Kathy Vik's Deeply Awake


How Can I?” 6-2-14



I want to tell you a couple things I have become aware of, and, tonight you are Grandma Cannon, and I am me. Let’s pretend. You are a great healer, and we are friends. You know me, I know you, you teach me, you tell me I teach you, and of course, I don’t believe that.


We’re at a little cafe just outside your tiny Arkansas house, a house I imagine as much bigger, sometimes, with a guest house, that you ask me to please use, me and my son, once I completed your training. We know each other, and you, my dearest grandmother, you know of our pain,those who have come to you by the thousands, nearly broken, very nearly always broken.


You have seen us, and you have let us speak…

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