Time to fly the Multi

Two Shots Of Prime

Today is a big day for me. It’s the day I finally get to fly a plane with more than one engine! My flight school, Paragon Flight Training, has a Tecnam P2006T (ten points if you’ve ever heard of the airplane before). Here’s what it looks like.



The Tecnam is not the aircraft of choice when it comes to multi-engine training, but I think it should be..and here’s why.

It has a rental price takes every other multi-engine aircraft to the woodshed.

I haven’t flown it yet. But, this aircraft was designed to be a trainer and you can tell. The Tecnam’s simplicity, performance (it only weighs a few hundred more pounds than a Skyhawk), efficiency (it uses about as much fuel as a Skyhawk), and ergonomics make it a multi engine aircraft that was clearly designed with training in mind.

I’ve spent the last few weeks learning everything there…

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