Five killed as plane crashes into River Plate near Uruguay

Image courtesy of C5N Image courtesy of C5N

Five people have been killed after an aeroplane crashed into the River Plate estuary in heavy fog.

The pilot and four Argentine businessmen died when the Beechcraft twin-engine turboprop aircraft crashed into shallow water 6km from Carmelo airport in Uruguay on Tuesday afternoon.

Four surviving passengers were airlifted to safety after they managed to raise the alarm by communicating with air traffic control from the wreckage.

The aircraft, which had been taking eight passengers to a business meeting in Carmelo, had taken off from San Fernando airport in Buenos Aires province 15 minutes before the crash.

Álvaro Loureiro, a Uruguayan Airforce spokesman, said the pilot had been ordered to return to San Fernando after being refused permission to land at Carmelo due to the foggy conditions.

He said: “The information that we have is that this flight, given that it could not land at Carmelo, was…

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