Teacher awarded £23,000 after slipping in a puddle at school


The unidentified teacher slipped in a school corridor (Picture: bulentozber)

A teacher has been paid £23,000 in compensation – after slipping in a puddle.

The teacher, who has not been identified, claimed to have suffered ligament damage to the foot and ankle after taking the tumble in a school corridor.

The case was taken to court after it was initially rejected by West Sussex Council, which runs the school, and the teacher was awarded £23,000 in compensation – more than the starting salary for teachers outside London.

Pressure group Campaign for Real Education criticised the pay-out, saying the taxpayer money would have been better spent on the children.

Chris McGovern, a member of the group, attacked the litigious behaviour that had arisen in schools.

‘The whole culture of compensation – from staff, parents and children – has made school totally risk averse,’ he told The Daily Mail.

His sentiment was echoed…

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