Trip to DCA

Cessna Chick

photo 1 Plane watching at DCA

Last week, Jake and I went to Washington, DC. (No sadly we didn’t fly ourselves, the DC special flight rules are a bit intimidating I think) He’s on vacation and I’m transitioning from my winter job to something temporary while I study for ADX stuff, so we took the chance for a mini-vacation.
It was going to be a quick two day trip that Jake planned to the minute, but we ran into trouble. The Lincoln Tunnel was closed due to an accident during morning rush hour. A 40 minute bus ride turned into a 2.5 hour one. This was one of the few times I’m so grateful to be flying standby. I listed us on the next flight to DCA at 1:15pm, which did lose us most of the day, so I also used an app and booked us another night at a different hotel…

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