The Law Student during Exam Period – an observation

Lawful Academical

Observation log of Dorctai W’eet, scientist aboard The Pegasus Harbinger.

Ship mission: investigating previously undiscovered inhabited planets on the behalf of the Uirg people of Bloobal Prime. Determine the advisability of contact with the newly discovered species.

Research Subject #593: human female, approximately 20-25 years of age.

0700 – Subject awake. She has moved into the kitchen area of her living space and commenced brewing a hot black beverage. Some degree of automaticity in her movements suggests she is not yet fully conscious and may not be completely aware of her actions.

0730Subject appears fully conscious, having drunk the black beverage and had breakfast. She remains in the kitchen area, staring at the portable computing device she brought with her.

0830Subject has not moved.

0930Subject has not moved. Remote access to her computing device successful. Subject appears to be reading various information files and…

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