The “Big 3” of an Effective Post-Flight Discussion

Review Before Flight

The post-flight discussion is the most critical part of an effective and efficient flight lesson. The debriefing summarizes and “caps off” the training activity. Imagine building a house and not putting a roof on the house; essentially that is a flight lesson without a proper debriefing…

Often times flight school airplanes and flight instructors (CFIs) are booked for lessons throughout the day, meaning that you as a student only have a limited window for your lesson. Due to the nature of industry-wide low wages for instructors, the more lessons a flight instructor completes in a day the more money they make. Often times this means a flight lesson ends with taxiing in, parking the aircraft, rushing into the office for a quick logbook signature and hand shake before the flight instructor rushes off to grab a snack from the vending machine, cup of water and/or making a quick pit stop…

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