Sunday updates

Tahoe Girl

So exciting, there are now only 10 days left in the JKWP (just keep walking project). Still haven’t decided how year 2 will be. I think i will keep it simple though, JKWP year two. We’ve walked through snow, rain, wind, sun, in the dark, and even while on vacation. Pretty cool.

So, I’m off dex this week and revlimid. Nice to have the week off. Tomorrow I have my blood test and then see the doctor Wednesday . Hopefully everything is the same.  It’s always stressful to wait for blood tests. But, even if I go up it’s still in the same range.

Our budget is still pretty thin. Not from camping as that money comes from our combined $5 savings. But extras, AAA due Costco due, fire tax due, so it’s a stretch.

I’m off to clean the refrigerator and do some fly lady stuff. I really wanted…

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