Paying for Convenience and Access

Concierge Medicine Today

By Linda Ringquist

MAY 25, 2014 – Summary: What are the latest trends with concierge medicine? What are the pros and cons associated from both a patient and physician perspective? How does the ACA play into concierge medicine?

How are healthcare trends affecting the future of healthcare? Is concierge medicine the answer? It is no secret that the physician shortage is growing in leaps and bounds, especially in terms of primary care. The creation of the Affordable Care Act has amplified the issue, adding more insured to the mix. The supply and demand ratio is completely unbalanced. As a result, both physicians and patients are looking for alternatives.

branding direct primary care bookFrom a patient perspective, the average patient visit is approximately 15 minutes which is generally not enough time to properly be diagnosed and treated for a condition, especially if the condition is chronic. The conversation becomes focused primarily on an immediate illness…

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