List of Things to Do Before Japan

Life as a new JET

Slowly but surely, I am counting the days before I leave the states and go embark on a new journey in Japan. But before I take off, I want to make some memories and visit some places first. So this list will just be a list of things for me to do before I leave (and take pictures of). It will probably be ongoing and will slowly cross things off the list as I do them. They are not in any particular order.

  1. Eat In-N-Out as often as possible (specifically in the month of July)
  2. Eat at favorite Italian restaurant
  3. Eat at Gyu-Kaku with friends
  4. Eat at Shinsengumi with more friends
  5. Go karaokeing with even more friends
  6. Go to EVO in Vegas in July and live it up!
  7. Finish that darned thesis…
  8. Build the LEGO spaceship
  9. Read all my comic books
  10. Go to the park and shoot my bow
  11. Go…

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