Learning To Fly: Breaking the Surly Bonds

Wanderlust Assuaged

Learning to fly heavier-than-air powered craft is undoubtedly a prodigiously rewarding life experience. It affords a sense of absolute freedom, control in three dimensions, and the stunning cockpit vistas are otherworldly. There’s no other feeling quiet like owning mastery over a complex machine, flying through the ever-changing panoply of weather and airspace, and setting the main landing gear down effortlessly at the destination airport. What’s more is the act of sharing the flying experience with others can be a source of great satisfaction. Common questions surrounding the expansive subject typically concern certification requirements, flight schools, costs, and length of training. It’s easy to get lost in minutiae when discussing flight training due to its expansive nature. This editorial is intended to introduce some of the very basics to those who have not given training much thought.


The Introductory Flight: A Hands-On Experience to Vet an Interest inFlying

An introductory…

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