Getting my PPL (Part II)

Ryan's Flying Adventures

My last blog post left off with all of the pre-solo work (i.e. basic ground reference maneuvers, stalls, etc…) and this post will begin the solo and cross-country portions of training.


After Kirk, my instructor, was comfortable with my landings he sent me home with a pre-solo test.  It was more of a review than a test that just solidified in his mind that I was ready to complete my solo.  The next time we met we headed for Madera (MAE) and he had me land and told me to taxi to the ramp.  My instructor jumped out of the plane and set me off to solo (I was to do three takeoffs and landings to a full stop).


Madera is a primary training airport in the Central Valley and has a nice long and wide runway which is perfect for initial solo flights as Fresno-Chandler has a narrow runway…

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