From Cessna to CRJ: The Similarities and Differences of Large and Small Aircraft

The Blog of Michael Soroka


I still remember my first takeoff in a Cessna 152 in 2007. It was an amazing feeling that I will surely never forget. I had the exact same feeling almost seven years later the first time I rolled down the runway in a jet. I couldn’t believe how different of an experience it was hurtling  down the runway in a jet compared to a light aircraft. The speeds were nearly triple what I was used to, and the aircraft was 40 times heavier than the aircraft I was accustomed to flying. And yet, the rudder pedals still moved the plane left and right, the yoke still pulled the nose up, and the ailerons still kept the plane level. I found it very funny how these two very different machines still handled in a similar manner while performing completely different roles.

After recently building up a bit of of experience in…

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