For Professional Pilots Flight Training Does Not Stop

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For Professional Pilots Flight Training Does Not StopTo be a successful professional pilot, you need to have had a good general secondary education, ideally with an emphasis on mathematics and physics. If the latter subjects were not your specialization, you must have an aptitude for them or you will struggle with the academic subjects you need to study to earn a commercial pilot?s license.
A degree is not essential, but it helps, especially if it was in engineering, mathematics or science.

To be a pilot at the professional level, you will need better-than-average hand-eye co-ordination, and a naturally good sense of spatial orientation in three dimensions.

Your health, hearing and eyesight must be first class, and color-blindness would disqualify you. It is advisable to have a full aviation medical health check before doing anything else.

Pilots are generally confident individuals. The profession demands it. Self-assurance is gained through successfully performing at very high levels of competence…

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