Costco, America, marijuana, and Lulu: ADD at its finest

I’m such a rebel that I defy even gravity.

I spent way too much money at Costco yesterday, but at least now I have enough toilet paper to wipe my ass for centuries. Or a few months, at least. Not to mention that I re-upped on my stash of mixed nuts, seaweed packs, and coconut water, among other necessities. You know, just the essentials. The guess-how-much-all-of-this-is-going-to-cost game is way more fun to play when you’re a kid grocery shopping with your parents than when you’re the one paying.

In other news, I wish that the United States government would focus on domestic issues rather than on foreign affairs. First and foremost, for the reason that I can’t keep up. I have a hard enough time documenting and figuring out my own life; I shouldn’t constantly be struggling to figure out which country we’re currently invading (or at odds with) and…

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