Colin Kaepernick Dating Entertainment Sports Blogger

Outside The Locker Room

Well, I’m not exactly sure about his dating status, but he could be! All jokes aside, I met my biggest celebrity crush yesterday.  Many of my readers know that there  are few organizations I admire and the 49ers happens to be on that short list.  Yesterday after driving many miles, buying a Costco card, and standing in a line of hundreds of Colin Kaepernick admirers I finally met the man I have been a fan of for so long.

I know some people say you can never really know a person until you have spent time with them, but first impressions are everything to me.  I have great discernment and I believe he is a sweet, fun loving person.  For those of you negative spectators, enjoy my pictures and project your unwarranted hate at a later date.


Look at that million dollar smile (on me 😉 )

line Long line of…

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