70 DAYS TO GO: And The Winner Is….?

Confessions of a Gin Addled Fool

For most of last few weeks I have been waking up super early. Every morning I would dash to the mail box to see if there was any mail for me from JET.

Last tuesday the Japanese embassy announced on facebook that they were posting out the placement details for the New Zealand candidates. Finally. You would be hard pressed to call me patient at the best of times as when I get excited about something, I tend to want it to happen straight away. Regardless I was over the moon.

I purposely missed my normal work bus on Wednesday in order to wait for the mailman to reach our house because I couldn’t handle waiting till I got home to find out where I was going to be placed.

The mailman arrived. He gave me my letter. I ran inside like a lunatic and waved it in front of…

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