19 Things That Happen When You’re A First-Year Law Student

Thought Catalog

1. You will look like an idiot when you get cold called. This is pretty much inevitable for every unfortunate 1L. No matter how prepared you are, how meticulously you’ve book-briefed or how detailed you’ve briefed the case on Microsoft Word, the professor is going to throw you a curveball out of legal left field. You’ll scramble frantically through your casebook, sweating profusely and wishing you could sue your prof for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

2. You will abandon your diet and exercise regiment at some point. When all the workshops/seminars/panels provide free pizza, and you’re sitting on your ass all day trying to comprehend legal jargon, salad and water just don’t seem appealing. Oh, and an hour at the gym? Ain’t no law student got time for that.

3. You will break up, or think of breaking up with, your significant other. Not because it’s personal, but because…

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