Under Armour Just Made This 5-Year-Old Dog Attack Survivor Feel Like A Superhero

Dangerous Dogs in the News

When a dog attacked 5-year-old Jasper Poole last April, the only piece of clothing that remained intact was his Under Armour shirt.

He was playing with his cousin at his aunt’s house when the family’s 2-year-old Pit Bull attacked him. According to the Americus Times-Recorder, Jasper’s aunt rushed him to the hospital where he received stitches. He also suffered back abrasions from being dragged by the leg down the stairs.

Dad Nigel Poole explained on Reddit that his wife, Lezlie, wrote a letter to Under Armour to tell their son’s story and how the shirt remained unscathed. “It makes my five year old feel like a superhero when he wears it,” dad wrote.

They received a package on their doorstep in Americus, Georgia a little over a month later,

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