Truth #1

The Real Sam Chow

I started this blog to get over myself. To discover the person I want to be, and make the changes to get there.

Since my first post there was some pondering as to how I wanted to format this blog. What I wanted to say, how I wanted to say it. My hope is that the format I have decided on inspires conversation and helps me change. So I will do a number of truths. Ugly, Naked, Truths. So here we go…

Truth #1

I am fat.

Not chubby. Not simply overweight. I am fat and morbidly obese. This is something that needs to change.

Not because I hate myself. I happen to love myself. The other day I realized I am getting fatter. Why? Because I still think I look good. I do. I am fucking gorgeous. Just really fat.

Now lets add some more truths. That I still…

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