The Literature of Cricket: a (rambling) personal memoir; Part Two

Silly points

Books of note:

this post lists some of my favorite cricket books. detailed elaboration on these will follow in due course.

some links will not be out of place here.

Ramachandra Guha has a wonderful

article in The Hindu about his fifty favorite cricket books.

Suresh Menon has a nice post about books he would take to an island.

CHandrahas Choudhury of The Middle Stage has a neat essay
about Indian cricket writing. His descriptions of Sujit Mukherjee are wonderful and warm. Btw, his other essays are well worth a read too.

some fine cricket books i have read are:
1. picador book of cricket, edited by ramachandra guha

this is a wide ranging anthology reproducing essays by classic masters like clr james, neville cardus, jack fingleton, ray robinson among others. the section “styles and themes” has certain picteresque essays. it also has some idiosyncratic pieces

2.the masters of cricket…

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