The Fatal Bellman

Tiger's Tale

Spriggan is a tiny dog.  When I first got her, she was 2.5 pounds, one quarter of the size she is now.  Despite the exponential weight gain (such as it is), I still classify her as a tiny dog.

Baby Spriggan on Mike Then.

Mike I think would prefer I not post pictures of him sleeping all the time.  It's not like he does nothing but sleep -- it's just that those make super-cute pictures. Now.

When she was a tiny baby and I was an incredibly overprotective/obsessive helicopter mom, I found all sorts of things to be terrified of:

  • What if she finds a way to climb up three feet of shelving and eat a bunch of chocolate?
  • What if Pixie accidentally eats Spriggan in one bite, thinking she’s a delicious treat?
  • Is her nose too dry?  What if she’s sick?!
  • Is her nose too wet?  What if she’s sick?!
  • What if a bird of prey snatches her up and carries her off while she’s playing outside?

That last one was based, in part, on a video I saw in which a ‘golden eagle’…

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