The Answer to the Quiz, and an Update on the Cuisinart

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

First off, since I know many, many people lost sleep last night after I reported the tragic news,  I am happy to report that my beloved Cuisinart fired right up this morning.

I’m trying to get a month’s worth of food frozen for the kids so I can focus on marketing food for sale.  As a result, I had the little guy going non-stop for over 2 hours yesterday.  Apparently that’s a bit much.

But for now, all is swell!

Now to the quiz:

In A Test of your Knowledge of the Run A Muck Ranch Kids, I asked if you could identify the critter by his or her x-rays, taken last weekend after a side impact injury.

There was only 1 correct answer, and that was from Kali, of the House of Kyla.

Sorry Kali, your fears were true and it was indeed, DASH! who got dinged…

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