My FUNeral

Musings of a Demented Soul

My FUNeral

Please don’t confuse this with a suicide note. That is not my intention at all. Just a little “insurance” for if there is a school shooting, car accident, or some other fatal occurrence…I just want to be ready for that time when the last grain of sand gives way to gravity and falls from one half of the hour glass that is my life to the other. My dream funeral is what follows:

First, I want it to be a happy affair as a day awash with a tidal wave of tears is of bad taste. I want my funeral to be handled like I approach this violent world—with humor, laughing in the face of chaos, of tragedy. To digress, the reason why I make jokes about death is because underneath my sneering cynicism is a child, an innocent child who sees the world through positive eyes. Humor…

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