Mark Taylor on Captaincy

Silly points

Mark Taylor the former Australian captain, has some wonderful comments about captaincy which can atually be read here
Below are extracts i found suggestive of the his wonderful approach to sport

Would you say that captaincy is the toughest job in cricket?
No, no. I think it could be one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world, particularly when you are a batsman who doesn’t bowl. Captaincy can only add to the game for you. I certainly found that, when I took over the captaincy of Australia, it just gave me something else to do on the field.

I’ve always believed that every player should be thinking about the game all the time, about what they can do to maybe help the side out. But when you are the captain, you’ve got to actually make those decisions. And it certainly added to what I could do during the game…

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