LAUNCHING into the 4th Year of Life With A Funeral Director!

ImageIt’s official.

The new Life With A Funeral Director website is live at

This blog is still a part of this site, but we now offer more content, more support and a future path for our community!

Highlights include:

– Soft Places To Land:  A collection posts and essays that touch on some of the most important parts of our Life With A Funeral Director.

– The Tea Party: an alternative place (to Facebook) to chat and converse with others.  Take a look at the topics, chat and add to the conversation!

– The Blog:  this blog is still housed here.

– The Boutique:  Coming soon!  A place where you can get some great tools and gifts geared specifically for you!

Take some time to visit the new site – and sign up to become a part of our community.  You will receive 10 Secrets to Your Best Life…

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