Jerusalem To The Left

Mufid Sukkar

Pilot: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are now flying over the ancient city of Jerusalem, which can be seen clearly on the left side of the cabin.

The middle-aged woman sitting next to me leaned over and craned her neck over my right shoulder trying to peer through the window on my left. She clearly was eager to see Jerusalem and I was clearly irritated by having my personal space invaded. I stopped reading.

Me: would you like to swap seats?

Her: No, I prefer the aisle seat

She straightened up and I returned to my reading. But then as other passengers behind us began to mumble with excitement, she leaned over again and I stopped reading again.

Me: why don’t you take my seat and when you have seen enough, we can swap again?

Her: Are you sure?

I stood up and we…

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