Sunday's Child

When I was little, my sisters and I shared a red, plastic, small, toy cash register.  We played “store” all the time.  The drawer opened and we put plastic play coins in there.

Back in 1968-1974 my father was on the Washington State Parole Board.  At that time, there was also a woman on the board.  (pretty amazing when you think about women in business during that era).  When we visited my father’s office near the state capital, we would always go say hello to Miss Helen.  She collected owls.  A LOT of owls.  Compared to my father’s very proper, organized, man’s, boring brown and black office……….her’s was amazing.    It was overrun with owls.  Funny how I still remember that.  It was wild.  Sort of felt like all the owls were looking at me.  Creepy but in a I can’t stop looking, way.  Weird how I still remember?


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