In Retrospect…


I started out the day with an alarm, a big breakfast, and a lie. The alarm was set because after going to bed at 3 am one must wake up for breakfast, that’s not a quirk of mine but an unspoken rule of the family with whom I live. So, I slept about six hours. I showered and got dressed, because breakfast is a semi-formal meal–it’s not very modern, but it must be done. Sometimes I wonder if they know that’s not how I live at home, they would be horrified. I would be the American who combines lunch and breakfast and does so in pajamas. It might even be Annie’s mac n’ cheese eaten out of the pan it was cooked in and eaten in front of the TV! (Sadly, that is at least once a week at home. It sounds worse than it is…but it really doesn’t sound that…

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