Everything Happens For A Reason

Fox In the Hen House

No. It doesn’t.

It happens.

The End.

I really detest when people say, “Everything happens for a reason.”

This is most likely going to be a mostly unpopular post but I know it will resonate with a few people.

There is no reason for random occurrences. Any meaning an event has is assigned by you. It has no inherent meaning. Meaning can only be given by a person. And each person can assign a different meaning to the same event. It is your interpretation that gives it meaning or purpose. But the event itself has NO INHERENT MEANING.

I believe there are infinite possibilities in life. So who is to say that my current life is any better/worse than the life I would have had if X [my divorce, my ectopic pregnancies] had never happened?

The shitty things that happen in life do not happen because X > Y or…

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