Ela Bhatt’s Indira Gandhi Peace Prize speech

Silly points


If we look carefully at our world, we find that where there is unfair
distribution of resources, there is unrest. When people cannot enjoy the fruits
of their labours fairly, when they are forced off their land and homestead and
forest, we have the basis of an unjust society. Where there is violence and
conflict, we invariably find poverty. And where there is poverty, we find anger
and acute struggles for justice and equity. And, we see Governments resorting
to repression for ensuring ‘law and order’.

I have often stated that Poverty is violence. This violence is by consensus of
society that lets other human beings go without roti and kapada and makan.
Poverty is not God given. It is a moral collapse of our society. Poverty strips a
person of his or her humanity, and takes away freedom. Poverty is day-to-day
violence, no less destructive than war. Poverty…

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