Drug Use Is From Mental Disorders

Diane - Emerging Media and Medicine

     Many patients seek drugs to self medicate mental disorders. They face demons, depression, and anxiety. Because of the shortage of doctors and mental health professionals, patients self-medicate. Since law enforcement agents have worked hard on removing well trained doctors from practice, patients seek care from nurses, Methadone Clinics, and the street. In the April 22ns edition of “The Charleston Gazette,” the front page article reported that prescription pill use was down but that heroin use was increased. There is a 3 fold increase in heroin deaths. This article and others like it show why law enforcement cannot prosecute the solution of a drug problem. It is medical. Patients need help from medical professionals, not the brutality and humiliation from law enforcement. Law enforcement love the thrill of destroying doctors’ lives, and they seem to take more money and possessions than an investigation would permit. They can enter a doctor’s office…

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