Day 4 Ish: Come Fly with Me

Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?

Friday May 16: We drove back early in the morning so that I could pack up all my stuff for my flight home.

You know that your trip home is gonna suck when your flight is scheduled for 2:40 PM and you get a text at 9:30 AM saying it’s going to be delayed by an hour. So 3:30 PM rolls around and I’m ready to get to Denver so I can make my connecting flight to BWI.

I land in Denver with about a half hour to spare. In other words, my next flight is probably already boarding. So I call upon the track gods that I left behind in high school and I flat out sprint the length of the Denver airport. If you were there that day around 7:00 PM and I knocked you over, I am so sorry. Thankfully, the gods were listening and I was able…

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