Cedar Tree or Thistle?

Obadiah's Cave

This blog is about a man named Amaziah. He had all the traits to become a great cedar tree, but instead became a thistle… Have you ever met a man or woman who had a lot of GOOD qualities and was pretty sure of themselves, DRIVEN EVEN and yet they didn’t know when to stop. A PERSON WHO OVER STEPS THEIR POWER? A usurper of authority…A person who gets caught up in themselves so much they forget that God brought them to the place and title they hold.

 Amaziah’s name means, “The strength of the Lord”. Amaziah was the son of Joash king of Judah. He began to reign when he was 25 years old and The Bible says, “HE DID THAT WHICH WAS RIGHT IN THE EYES OF THE LORD” 2 Kings 14:3. I have come to realize, we can do what’s right in the sight of the Lord…

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