Butterfly Lifecycle Mobile

Clay Center Ed-Ventures

Butterflies are beautiful and beneficial.  At the Clay Center we have Education Gardens Clay Center Butterfly Gardewhere we grow both vegetables and plants that attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.  Why is it important to attract pollinators to a vegetable garden? When you attract pollinators they will help pollinate your vegetable plants like squash and cucumbers that rely on pollinators to help them produce fruit.  Bees make the best pollinators because their legs are shorter, so when they enter the flower to get nectar, their entire body gets covered Butterfly in Gardenwith pollen which is then taken to other flowers and deposited.  Butterflies have longer legs and a proboscis (an elongated sucking mouthpart) that keeps them from getting fully covered in pollen, but their legs and proboscis still pick up some pollen as they go from plant to plant making them beneficial pollinators.

The beauty of butterflies makes them popular in artwork as well…

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