Book Review – Thunder in the Mountains: The West Virginia Mine War 1920-21

This Pilgrim's Progress

untitledReading a recent copy of a NRA Rifleman magazine I came across an intriguing article about a “battle” that was fought in West Virginia between coal miners that were trying to unionize and the coal mine owners / operators, WV State Police, local county police and volunteer civilians.  And what was even more surprising is that by some estimates there were over 13,000 armed men that fought in a pitched battle that lasted several days in 1921 with a million rounds of ammunition fired, the use of automatic weapons on both sides, the commandeering of trains and Model T’s to move the “troops” to the front, and the use of three bi-planes to drop homemade bombs on the ‘Miner Army’.

I set about doing some research and found that there are two books written on the subject and obtained both as used copies through eBay.  This title is written by Lon Savage and was published in 1990 (195 pages) by…

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