A Pleasant Saturday

With Micah

Micah’s first round of tests took a lot out of him. Dogs his size have long since qualified for Doggie AARP by the age of ten, so he likes to take it easy under the best of circumstances. This week’s poking, prodding, x-rays, ultrasound and travel were stressful. As a result, he wasn’t eating well and was especially lethargic for a couple of days. He also suffered a bout of diarrhea, although that’s always been a problem for him.

However, he was more or less himself by Saturday, so we began the day with a trip to the beach. Micah got himself in and out of the car — as he’s always done — and seemed to have a good time. The weather was beautiful, so we also spent time in the yard. It was so nice to see Micah gravitate toward his favorite shrub and sit in the shade under…

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