A Perspective on Puppies from a Cat Person

The Low Point

They’re not awesome.

I could leave it at that and generally call it good because that’s a perfect overview of how I feel, but divulging all the small fantastic details is really what will make this post worth reading (in my opinion — I realize that probably sounds arrogant, but let’s all just face the fact that I started a blog by my own volition because I assumed I was funny enough for strangers to read what I had to write and enjoy it).

When Husband and I first got married, I knew a dog would be in my future — after all, he was raised in a dog loving family. When I met his parents for the very first time, I also met five fully grown Golden Retrievers. When I met his oldest sister and husband, I also met another Golden Retriever, a Chocolate Lab, and a fluffy white…

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