1050 Miles Later

Now What

After driving 8 hours alone for the first time, I can say with certainty that is wasn’t nearly as terrible as I thought it would be, but it still isn’t something that I love doing. Although, the last four hours of my trip was one giant karaoke party, and who doesn’t love karaoke? If I had to take a guess, other drivers were probably amused by my enthusiastic singing, too. So basically I helped them stay awake which made them less likely to get into an accident. By the transverse property, that means I was responsible for saving a lot of lives. You’re welcome.

Twice yesterday while driving I took exits that claimed to have gas stations and bathrooms. While I’m sure they weren’t lying to me, they weren’t off the interstate so I ended up having to getting to explore a lot of small towns. I guess it added some spontaneity…

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