Houseboat the the Top of the World

Houseboat at the Top of the World has a whole new meaning now.  Impossible to have a houseboat at the top of the world?  No….No…..No.   

The most extreme houseboat is less than 300 miles from the Arctic Circle.  This extreme houseboat is a 1,000  square foot floating pad with two floors.  All of it was built by the owners. 

In the summer it floats in middle of the lake.  In the winter it sits on the lake with a driveway of ice.  The owners have an Arctic theme in the grand room.  This boat is a Bed and Breakfast. People from all over the world have stayed in the houseboat.  The queen of the kitchen makes the kitchen off limits.  To get fresh water they must break the ice.  Fresh water is pumped from beneath the ice.  Their private suite is 240 square feet with a ceiling of blue plywood.  The perfect spot to see Nature’s magic show is this houseboat.  


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