Carnivores In The Clouds


Hi. So, look at the new minizine that I made.


It’s a text collage broken up into eight discrete pages revealing a vague narrative about predation, consumption, and mystical technologies. It was printed on a single sheet of 11″x17″ paper, folded three times, cut across one of the seams, and re-folded intricately to form this 5.5″x4.25″ octavo. Every word of the narrative (apart from the little colophon on the back page) was assembled from preexisting science texts from the Time Life Science Library. The narrative is literally embedded in each page: it’s eight sequential passages were printed on the verso side of the paper and are revealed through a hole in the recto side. Every copy was folded and cut by hand; none of the one hundred copies are entirely the same. Indeed, many of them will have to be carefully manipulated to fully reveal the passages beneath.



Once again…

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Ballistic rescue systems for aircraft

Foxbat Pilot

BRSA ballistic rescue system (BRS) is an option available on Foxbat aircraft – about 15 of the Australian fleet of 125 are fitted with them. Thankfully, no-one has needed to deploy a BRS on an Australia Foxbat.

However, the pilot of this Cirrus was not so lucky, although due to the BRS, he and his passengers all walked away from what otherwise might have been a nasty incident.

It was around 2pm on Saturday afternoon, 10 December 2014 at Lawson, west of Sydney in New South Wales when some sort of problem occurred with the aircraft and the BRS was deployed – an excellent example of how modern technology can dramatically improve the safety of light aircraft.

Here’s a link for more information, including a short piece of video: Sydney Morning Herald

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First Flight of Vision SF50 Jet ‘C-Zero’

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Duluth, Minn. (March 25, 2014) – Cirrus Aircraft announced today it has achieved a significant milestone in its Vision SF50 personal jet program with the successful first flight of certification aircraft ‘C-Zero’ (C0). The SF50 is a seven seat, pressurized, single engine jet and the newest airplane in Cirrus’ line of composite high performance personal aircraft. 


As part of a series of evaluations to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification, the newest airplane in the development program underwent rigorous ground tests before taking off from the Duluth International Airport at approximately 5PM CDT on Monday, March 24th, 2014. Cirrus Aircraft Director of Engineering Flight Test and Chief Test Pilot Mike Stevens flew C0 on a one-hour sortie and reported, “The Vision Jet handled and performed very well and all systems functioned properly, just what you want in a first flight. Congratulations to the entire team on today’s…

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Eagle’s Nest


Eagle’s Nest is a rugged rock formation between Inverloch and Cape Paterson, and is probably the most visited and photographed place on this part of the east coast of Victoria. I’m sure that thousands of pictures have been taken by many people over the years, but it’s still worth photographing again and again. The variations in light and weather mean that the place is different every hour of every day.

I’m sure I’ll be back, as it’s only about 10 minutes by car from where I live, so I’ll add more over time.

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Inauguration Blues – its good to be in touch.

Aviate Navigate Communicate

So on Saturday 24th May a 25nm no-fly zone was extended from Pretoria and the union buildings outwards.  That created a few challenges for General Aviation scuttlebutts like me – even with reference number and flight plan clutched in my sweaty paw.   Jacob Zuma was being inaugurated – again – and the Air Force shut down part of Gauteng’s airways in fear of the president’s safety.  Or is it because they felt like practicing for a proper moment of danger?  I dunno.  Whatever.  The bottom-line was no flying out of Lanseria towards the East and North.

That’s ok,  because I was heading west to Potchefstroom.  A suitably quiet route usually at 8am on a Saturday.  I wanted to practice approaches and let-downs.  After refuelling ZS-ZIP and adding two quarts of oil I fired up and taxied to the runup zone on Lanseria’s 07.  Checked map, Cirrus Avidyn GPS working…

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What Takes place When The Public Sees A Woman Abusing A Guy? The Response Might Shock You.

Life Style Ideas

DareLondon set up a hidden camera experiment to see how the public would react to seeing domestic abuse for ManKind’s #ViolenceIsViolence campaign.
[embedded content material]
A couple (played by actors) near a London park get into a heated argument. Following a whilst the man starts to p… If you want to view full content , you can visit

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